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Economical Cubicles for Office Spaces

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The Location

Office Building

The Challenge

Create privacy and separation in an office space

The Solution

Workplace privacy continues to prove an essential trait for employees and visitors in office buildings. While open offices come in trends, they also can create disruptions from employees getting their work done. Even though many cubicles are on the market, cost efficiency is an important factor for facility managers and business owners. For this reason, Screenflex offers an economical solution for cubicles in the workplace.

Officeflex Cubicles are a brand new product to the Screenflex line that help offer privacy to any office or public setting. These economical cubicles offer a no-tool assembly and easily configure and reconfigure into an L, U, and H shape or other designs that fit your space. The aluminum frames offer lightweight and sturdy construction, which allows them to easily and safely move to the desired space in the building. Creating displays and attaching signage is simple with the tackable fabric on each panel. Each panel also contains sound-absorbing qualities that help minimize echoes and ambient noise. Small business owners, insurance agencies, doctors’ offices, or anywhere else can use these cubicles for quick room division and privacy.

Quickly design and redesign your facility as your team grows and needs change using these cubicles.

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Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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