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Facility Workspace Privacy

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The Location

Corporate Office Open Workspace

The Challenge

Create private workspaces and break areas for workers

The Solution

At large corporate campuses, there are typically rooms that can be used for various purposes. These areas are typically spacious enough to have multiple activities occur all at once. However, privacy is still an important issue in any given facility, so employees feel comfortable using the area as a workspace or for other privacy needs. For this reason, offering a freestanding portable wall can help give your employees the private space they need.

As shown in the picture, these partitions stand freely from the wall and have casters along the bottom for easy mobility. Because the partition folds accordion-style, it can create the ‘right-angle’ shown or various other shapes. Since the corner casters lock, this divider can hold its place easily for safety purposes. However, they unlock with ease if the room design needs to change. The fabric on each panel is also easily tackable, making displaying art or signage almost effortless. While this facility uses a black partition, an assortment of other colors is available to match any space.

Employees of any company can use Screenflex room dividers for their facility, workspace, lounge area, or anywhere else they need privacy.

Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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