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Amazon Logo Temporary Wall

Market: Office
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The Location


The Challenge

Create private training room

The Solution

Amazon has worked hard to build a recognizable brand and company.  When given the opportunity, Amazon looks for ways to highlight their brand, including adding it to a vinyl portable room partition.  Having a room divider on hand allows companies like Amazon, to maximize the use of their space.  “We use the dividers for our onsite training areas to limit distractions,” adds Ryan.  An added bonus to the fabric room dividers is its ability for Amazon to tack posters and standard operating procedure literature to it just like you would a bulletin board.  At the Amazon office, the mural faces the outside of the Amazon training area so people can see the logo when they walk into the building.  Amazon has received raves reviews about the look and quality of the mural room divider.  In addition to the temporary mural wall, Amazon uses Screenflex fabric folding partition walls to divide its facility space.


Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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