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Meeting Rooms Management

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The Location

Corporate Headquarters

The Challenge

Additional meeting rooms

The Solution

One of the biggest challenges open office spaces face is having enough private meeting rooms. Privacy in an office is important for employees, and it helps reduce noise levels for those not in the conversation. However, renovating the entire office can be both expensive and time-consuming. By using Screenflex Room Dividers you can create meeting rooms anywhere throughout your facility. These dividers are portable and create unique shapes for any floorplan.

Use our freestanding partitions to create meeting spaces for presentations, interviews, client pitches, or training for your company. Organize the portable divider walls according to your requirements. As pictured, a hanging markerboard can be added to create an interactive work environment. With over 30 different fabrics, there is something for any facility. Whether you want a pop of color as shown above, or a neutral black or gray, there is a fabric for your needs. Each of the panels also has a honeycomb core that helps absorb sound. In addition to creating additional meeting rooms, these dividers also can display notes or decorations. The fabric also will remain undamaged after pinning as well. For the best portable walls for your meeting space, use Screenflex Room Dividers.

Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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