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Pop Up Office Areas

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The Location

Co-Working Space

The Challenge

Create a Pop-Up Workspace in an Open Floor Plan

The Solution

Co-working spaces have increased in popularity in the past decade. The original idea of these spaces was to inspire innovation and creativity by seeing what others in a similar field might be doing. While some people in these locations can work efficiently, others need a little seclusion to get their job done. A feasible solution for privacy in this situation is to create a pop-up office space with Screenflex Dividers.

The partitions pictured here are two of our Wallmount Dividers to create semi-private office space. The dividers bend to make an “L” shape, giving the desk-user three sides of privacy. The panels are 6ft in height to shield most people standing as well. Each panel is designed to absorb sound, minimizing distractions of the inevitable loud noises that occur from shared workspaces. Because of the mount on the wall, the divider holds stably even without an end frame, making it more discreet to fit a desk against it. Not to mention, the red partition adds a pop of color to the room. With a variety of different options to choose from, Screenflex can make a pop-up office take any shape the workspace needs.

Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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