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Flexible Workspace Solutions

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The Location

Office Partitions

The Challenge

Create privacy in an open office

The Solution

These days, there are fluid work stations where no one sits at the same desk in a daily space. At these places, the need for flexible and private meeting space is crucial. Screenflex Room Dividers are the perfect solution because they allow employees to create the needed private and also quiet space. Moveable walls roll into place on self-leveling casters. They also can be positioned between desks, tables, and around seating arrangements. These dividers lower the costs of permanent walls and improve employee satisfaction. Portable partitions offer privacy, quieter environments, and other flexible workspace solutions.

The Light Duty Dividers pictured offer lightweight and affordable options for semi-private workstations. These partitions come in 3-5 panels, as shown, and glide easily over any surface as the office needs to adapt as well. The corner casters also lock in place, therefore creating a sturdy barrier. If the office furniture needs to rearrange again, the divider closes accordion style and can store compactly in a 2ft by 3ft area as well. These red panels also absorb sound, which can minimize distraction in a noisy environment. For a flexible workspace solution of privacy and minimal distractions, Screenflex Dividers are one of the best options.

Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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