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Collaborative Workspace Dividers for Any Environment

The Location

Public Workspace

The Challenge

Partition off a Room with Portable Dry Erase Boards

The Solution

How do you brainstorm ideas? Most of the time, an effective way to do it in a small group is to write down everyone’s thoughts to generate more objectives. A commonly used tool for a brainstorming session is a dry erase surface. For instance, schools, offices, libraries, and other public spaces all need room for collaboration. In these collaborative workspaces, portable dry-erase dividers can come in handy. The Screenflex Dry Erase/ Tackable Divider, in particular, is the perfect addition for any brainstorming or classroom needs.

While Screenflex offers a couple of products with a dry erase material, none are quite so adaptable as this tackable divider. Although many choose to put fabric on one side and the dry-erase surface on the other, this partition can be customizable with a couple of panels of each on either side of it. Another available option is to make the dividers’ whiteboard side magnetic for the ultimate collaborative workspace experience. This feature allows multiple ways to display items, with the reverse side having a tackable fabric. Available in three to thirteen panels, these whiteboards can accommodate any space. The dry erase material is also easy to clean for a truly interactive space. This product can be used for brainstorming, lesson planning, teaching, and anywhere else you need a writable surface.

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