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Airport Retractable Barriers

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The Location

Airport Cafeteria

The Challenge

Create a temporary boundary around airport cafe

The Solution

When thousands of people circulate through a facility every single day, adaptability is essential. Many times airports have to section off areas for a variety of safety or leisure reasons. As shown in the picture, retractable barriers partially surround a coffee cafe in an airport. These portable walls are Screenflex Standard Room Dividers. Screenflex partitions are sturdy while also lightweight and easy to move for any situation. In this case, the portable room dividers are used to separate the dining area from the other seating around it.

While the picture shows the three connected dividers in a combined U-shape, these panels actually fold accordion-style to create a variety of other shapes. These retractable barriers can include tackable fabric to allow airport staff to pin signage such as safety directions. Partitions also help control the crowds that are common in an airport setting. For instance, when you need to block off an area to limit the capacity, these barriers can work great. To get the partitions to the desired spot in the airport, close up the panels into a compact 2ft by 3ft space and let the self-leveling casters do the rest as you maneuver it. Then, open and shape your divider based on the needs of your facility and lock the corner casters in place. Now, you have a temporary and retractable barrier for your airport.


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