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Library Pods for Workspace Privacy

The Location

Community Library

The Challenge

Create Work Areas for Small Groups and Individuals

The Solution

Libraries are an excellent resource for reading, learning, and getting work done. However, despite any best efforts to keep noise levels and disturbances to a minimum, they can still be distracting. Instead of an open floor plan of desks and workspaces filled with potential strangers, create privacy library pods instead. By creating these pods, you can limit group sizes in the library and minimize distractions. For the easiest and cheapest solution to create private areas is by using portable walls.

As shown above, Screenflex freestanding dividers make excellent workspace privacy in the form of library pods. These dividers come in 3-13 panels and 6 different heights, making it easy to find one that fits any room. Capable of folding accordion-style, the dividers can also bend to the desired shape. Libraries need quiet atmospheres for their occupants to focus on their work. To help with that concern, inside each panel of the partitions is a honeycomb core that absorbs sound from other people or loud echoes. Since the standard divider shown above is freestanding without folding, it is easy to place workspaces on either side of it without taking up too much space. The library staff can also easily renovate or update their design down the road due to the portability of the screens and how compactly they store.

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