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Multiple Ballet Classes in One Studio

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The Location

Instruments Ballet Academy-Oregon City, OR

The Challenge

Make dance studio smaller when needed after expansion

The Solution

Instruments Ballet Academy recently expanded their studio to accommodate more classes. While their main studio now has a lot more room for their ballet students, they sometimes have multiple smaller classes that coincide with each other. For this reason, one of their instructors reached out to us at Screenflex for a way to divide this studio into a few segments. By speaking with one of our sales consultants, this ballet studio found the perfect solution to their room dividing needs.

As shown, the studio chose a few Screenflex Standard Room Dividers in their studio. These partitions are not only easy to move but also offer sound-absorbing capabilities as well. This feature helps limit distractions on either side of the wall when multiple ballet classes occur at once. In addition to room dividers, this dance academy got a couple of add-ons to enhance their experience: Windows and Multi-Unit Connectors. The window option allows instructors to have some visibility on the other side of the divider while still primarily offering privacy. The multi-unit connector helps them create a longer partition to further adapt and customize their space.

Our contact at the academy told us that they love their partitions and had an excellent ordering experience.

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