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Warehouse Used as Vaccine Clinic or Other Office Space

The Location

Manufacturer's Warehouse

The Challenge

Create Clinic out of Warehouse Office Space

The Solution

If you are a manufacturer, you know that your warehouse employees need office space in addition to their work area. Sometimes the leadership team has to do inventory tracking, payroll, or a variety of other paperwork. However, the goal is to keep these two types of workspaces separate enough so they don’t get in the way of each other. To create an office space in your workshop, sometimes all you need are desks, chairs, and temporary partitions. For lightweight portable room dividers, try Healthflex Privacy Screens by Screenflex.

As shown, the Healthflex Divider can easily combine with others to create a variety of shapes in a room. These screens fold accordion-style which both allows the partition to bend at a right angle and also close compactly when it comes time to store. Since there is usually a lot of foot traffic in a warehouse setting, these partitions need to be as discreet as possible to avoid tripping. The Healthflex Divider is the best option for this reason since it doesn’t have the classic end frame that other Screenflex products typically have. Another feature that is great in a warehouse office space is stability. In all of the Screenflex dividers, stability is what we aim for. From self-leveling casters to full-length hinges alongside each panel, each divider is effectively freestanding for all industrial uses.

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