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Library Display Idea

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The Location

Public Library

The Challenge

Temporarily Display Items in an Open Area

The Solution

Since libraries are an excellent location for work and studies, they can sometimes attract a lot of people. The question is, how do librarians inform their patrons about events and other news? A portable bulletin board works great in a library as a display unit. Not only do the towers pictured easily allow items tacked on to them, but they also allow some privacy to the people in the room as well. For the best portable bulletin board, use Screenflex Display Towers.

As shown, the Display Towers make an excellent visual addition to a public library. These particular units add a colorful dynamic to an otherwise neutral-colored room. Along the bottom of the Towers are locking casters that keep the display unit sturdily in its place. While this particular library in the picture uses six-panel partitions, Screenflex also offers a three-panel Display Tower as well. These units all have a tackable fabric that allows you to hang up notices without damage to the panels. In an open library like the one pictured above, these towers can also help absorb sound and maximize visual privacy to help visitors focus. In general, these towers are an excellent display idea for any library.

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