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Kids Study Area in Library

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The Location

Public Library

The Challenge

Create a Semi-Private Kids Study Area

The Solution

A library is an excellent free resource for many different uses. Not only do they have books available on virtually any topic, but they also provide a quiet place to work as well. Many public libraries are finding ways to renovate their facilities to create space not only for adults to work but also for kids too. Kids need a spot that minimizes distraction and sound for them. When it comes to creating a separate youth area, librarians are using Screenflex products.

In these photos, two Standard Room Dividers partially surround the new kids’ area. Locking corner casters help create a sturdy barrier that stays in its set place. Additionally, if the screens need to be stored for any reason, they fold neatly into a 2ft by 3ft space. The Apple Green Designer fabric adds a pop of color and is also tackable for displaying posters and other notices. These partitions are a great way to reduce noise, which is essential to most libraries. Any library techs looking to create a semi-private kids study area will benefit from this type of design. Many leaders in libraries have been using Screenflex products and have been recommending these dividers to other organizations as well.

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