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Dog Training Facility Barriers

The Location

Animal Training Facility

The Challenge

Provide a solution for containing animals

The Solution

Any dog training facility must have barriers to keep animals secure while in the handler’s care. The employees in these spaces often can move the animals to another room. However, many situations require temporary enclosures that can move around as needs change. In these cases, the best option is an adjustable barrier to hold the dogs in place with clear supervision. For this reason, every animal facility can benefit from the CrowdFlex Acrylic Barricade.

As shown, the Crowdflex Acrylic Barricade is tall enough to keep animals enclosed when needed but also short enough that the average human can see over it. For added visibility, these barricades are made from a transparent acrylic material so the dogs can always be seen. This dog training facility uses its barriers to enclose an active area filled with ramps and other devices. As these animals learn their show tricks or basic training, the employees can easily let them off leash while ensuring they stay in the area. If the enclosure needs to be moved outside, the acrylic material is water-resistant to most minor weather changes.

For any separation with clear visibility, the Crowdflex Barricade is the ultimate choice.

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