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Divide Large Spaces with Highpoint Anchored Dividers

The Location

Commercial Waiting Area

The Challenge

Separate a Waiting Area with High Ceilings

The Solution

Screenflex has expanded its room divider catalog with the introduction of the Highpoint™ Anchored Dividers. These portable barriers, reaching heights of up to 12’3″, mark the tallest product in the Screenflex lineup. Designed for durability and ease of maneuvering, these wall-attached partitions are available with a choice of two hinges, either sliding or folding, allowing users to adapt the dividers to different facility layouts and requirements. These heavy-duty partitions can help you divide any number of large spaces.

The versatile applications of Highpoint™ Anchored Partitions span across convention centers, offices, arenas, banquet halls, and hotels. In dynamic environments like convention centers, where multiple events often take place simultaneously, these partitions become essential in creating well-defined spaces. By having the capability to divide large spaces, you can ensure each event in your facility maintains its unique identity without interference. Also, in banquet settings or backstage areas of arenas, Highpoint™ Partitions offer a strategic solution of providing both structure and privacy within larger spaces. With several sizing and color options available, you can customize your room divider to match your facility. Screenflex also offers the choice between sliding and folding options to further personalize your facility.

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