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Church Room Dividers and Partitions Create a Whole New Space

Movable Church Dividers Improve Space Utilization
Church Multipurpose Room With Chairs

The Location

Community Church

The Challenge

Multi-Purpose Room Versatility

The Solution

Worship facility design elements change rapidly. The question is, is your church equipped to handle the need for flexible space and stay ahead of your teams’ needs? It’s critical that church leaders provide their ministries with the tools for success, including a space to meet within the church. Screenflex church room dividers and partitions offer a way to improve space usage by dividing larger areas into multiple rooms for deeper teaching, small group meetings, youth groups, adult ministries, and focused meditation. For example, the large multi-purpose room pictured here works great as a large space for Sunday service. During the week, the church uses the same area for smaller ministries that require a more intimate space. Church dividers are rolled into position to create privacy for one group meeting on one side of the partition, and another group meets on the other side of the movable wall. When the large space is needed, the room divider is closed and rolled into storage in a 2ft by 3ft area. These movable walls allow you to create space with a purpose.

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