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Directing Foot Traffic with Portable Dividers

Market: Religious
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The Location

Concord International Adventist Church

The Challenge

Block off an area in the building

The Solution

When you have a lot of people coming in and out of your facility, sometimes you want to block off areas from them. This could happen for a variety of reasons including hiding storage/clutter, potentially dangerous spaces, or simply directing foot traffic to where the visitors need to be. In general, when you want to block off an area like this, use sturdy and obvious barricades so visitors know to go somewhere else. To solve this issue, Concord International Adventist Church used Screenflex Portable Walls to direct traffic away from an unused room.

Our most popular color is the Designer Grey fabric shown in the picture. Since it is a neutral tone, the grey color works in just about any environment. In addition to its adaptability in room design, this fabric is also tackable. This feature allows any church or facility to pin maps or other signage directing foot traffic in the building. All messes and unwanted stuff can hide from sight. In the picture above, this church set up two Screenflex dividers that attach to each other with a multi-unit connector. This optional tool can create a longer partition while allowing the same sturdiness. Also shown, the temporary walls are foldable to fit the space as you need. The panels are commonly folded accordion-style, in an “L” or “U” shape. Directing foot traffic with Screenflex Dividers is the best option for any people-facing facility.

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