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Hidden Storage Behind Portable Wall

The Location

Cornerstone Chinese Bible Church- Villa Park, IL

The Challenge

Hide Extra Tables and Chair Behind a Moveable Wall.

The Solution

What we love about our dividers is just how versatile their uses are. Cornerstone Chinese Bible Church in Illinois, for instance, uses their partitions for a few different purposes. Our contact at Cornerstone told us that their products originally divided their Fellowship Hall to create extra classroom space. Due to the pandemic these days, however, their needs changed. With social distancing guidelines in place, this church had to downsize their tables and chairs in a room to limit groups from gathering. Now, they are hidden in storage behind their Screenflex portable wall. Not only does it help with social distancing, but it also keeps the room neat and professional looking when it comes to their storage.

As shown, the Screenflex Standard Room Divider is an excellent temporary solution. Not only are these partitions free-standing and moveable, but they also fold accordion-style. This unique combination of portability and flexibility allows for many options in a Fellowship Hall. If the staff needs easy access to their storage hidden behind the portable wall, it can partially open to the shape needed. It can also close all the way with a quick adjustment as well. In general, these freestanding partitions are great for any space that needs to adapt quickly and efficiently. See the video below!

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