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How to Attach a Screenflex Door to an Existing Divider


Screenflex Door Panels are a simple addition to Existing Portable Dividers.  This short video provides step-by-step directions to installing the panel door.  Two latches secure the door to the wall panels. A unique magnetic strip on the bottom on the door props the door open in either direction.  For more information on this or other Screenflex products visit or contact a sales representative at (800) 553-0110.

Transcript for How to Attach a Screenflex Door to an Existing Divider

Screenflex makes an optional door which can be used with its room dividers. The door comes complete with frame and hinges that hangs from the top of a divider and is latched in the middle for a secure connection.

This latch is simply turned to lock the divider to the door. There’s a latch on either side of the divider to make for a very secure connection.

An additional latch comes with the door purchase in case your divider is not already equipped with one.

Once the door is attached it swings freely both in and out. A magnet at the bottom of the door holds it securely to the frame in an open position on either side. When the door is released from the frame it returns to a closed position.

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