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Temporary Wall Partitions Hide Unused Equipment During a Church Service

Room dividers separate a church from a meeting room inside a school gymnasium.
Screenflex Room Divider creates a barrier for storage items and a church in a rented school gym.
Rows of chair are set up to create a church sanctuary inside a gym. Additional chairs and basketball hoops are set out of the way against the wall.
Room Dividers are used in rented school gym to create a church sanctuary and classroom.

The Location

Vineville UMC

The Challenge

Create a welcoming church space in a rented gymnasium

The Solution

Vineville UMC in Macon, Georgia holds both traditional and contemporary worship services.  Traditional services are held in the main church, seen below.  They hold their contemporary services in their Christian Life Center, which is a large multi-purpose room at their church.

These Temporary Wall Partitions Are The Perfect Solution for Hiding Unused or Unsightly Equipment During A Worship Service

They sent in these great before and after photos showing how Screenflex dividers solved a problem they were having.  They wanted to hide the extra chairs and other equipment normally used for wedding receptions, dances, youth events, and VBS when it’s used for their contemporary worship service.  “The dividers hide the basketball goals and extra chairs and make the room look so much better,” add the Vineville staff.

And, as you can see, their dividers also keep cords from being a tripping hazard.


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