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We Offer You Expert Advice On Choosing Room Divider Sizes

Constructed from of a series of 22” wide hinged panels, each Screenflex Room Partition is a space dividing, sound absorbing machine. The portable panels open and close accordion style, and set up in a number of shapes. Screenflex Portable Walls are available in six heights, and six lengths, which gives you 36 different room divider sizes choices. Room Divider sizes range from 4 feet in height, up to our tallest folding wall size at 8 feet tall. Room Divider lengths range from 5’9″ to 24’1″.

Choosing the correct size, number and configuration of portable partition walls might seem challenging, but we make it easy. Let us know what your room dividing needs, and we’ll help you choose the right size divider, and we’ll even send you a no-obligation, free room plan. Determining the correct room divider size and height for your space is just part of what Screenflex consultants do for our customers. After we get your dimensions, we can help you decide if you need any extra length and if so, add optional connectors to join units together to create just the length you need.

Whether it’s turning corners, creating multiple rooms or fitting odd-shaped spaces, Screenflex consultants, and floor plan experts are here to help answer questions, guide you through the process, and save you money. Armed with a background in the architectural and building trades, the Screenflex founders bring their understanding of how to best use space, and that every room and situation are unique. We’ll work with you to find the most economical solution for your needs. Planning to store your unit when you’re not using it? Not a problem! They require only 2′ x 3′ of storage space, about the size of a larger office chair, and multiple dividers nest together for compact storage. Not finding what you need? Just ask!

From our 25+ years of experience, we’ve learned that one size certainly does not fit all, which is why every Screenflex freestanding partition unit is constructed based on your needs and specifications.

You’re not left to choose sizes and colors on your own! When you contact us, you’ll receive the right product advice and pricing and a quick, no obligation written quote. Contact us at 800-553-0110, by email at [email protected], on Live Chat at, or by completing the Pricing Request form. We’ll get you an answer ASAP.

Animated Room Divider in multiple Configurations

Walk the divider open, configure it into any number of shapes.


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