How Many Rooms Do You Need?

An incredibly unique plan

Room Dividers in a Circular Room

Talk about unique! We certainly have created many plans using our portable walls for unique facilities here in our USA. However, the current title holder for Most unique plan using Screenflex Portable Room Dividers goes to a facility in Ghana, Africa. This customer needed to create 10 separate rooms in a mostly circular building which had an existing rectangular room off to one side. Each room was to be different in size and shape. The unique versatility offered by Screenflex acoustical panels … [Read more...]

Reservation Center easily created

Reservation Center Computer Work Stations

A reservation center is a unique combination of dozens of computer work stations and a few semi private cubicles. Such a setup is very easily created with Screenflex Portable accordion walls. In this plan, it only takes 10 portable walls to create 8 cubicles and one large separate area for 32 computer stations. Each cubical is approximately 60 wide by 60 longample room for a desk and chair. The acoustical dividers help cut down the sound in the area, and as needed the portable partitions can be … [Read more...]

Screenflex helps during school construction

School Construction Partitions

The good news is that the referendum passed which gave the district the funds to do necessary remodeling and some new construction. However, where and how would the administrators of this middle school get the extra classrooms they would need while remodeling was going on for an entire semester? The answer is to use portable accordion walls by Screenflex. As shown on this plan, ten large separate classrooms were created in an open area. Each room is well over 500 sq. ft. in sizeample room for 26 … [Read more...]

Wallmount Dividers at Salem Lutheran

Wallmount Church Dividers

When you are certain you will need to locate one end of your acoustical walls in the same spot all the time, Wallmount accordion folding walls are the answer. That is the case with this Lutheran Church. Ten different accordion dividers are mounted to the wall at one end. When they are stored, they simply fold up against the wall. When in use, the tackable acoustical panels are unfolded and set up in a straight line. Nine separate rooms are created, and a marker board is hung in each classroom to … [Read more...]

Acoustical dividers for large church

Acoustical Church Dividers

Many churches have large group lectures both prior to and after Sunday school class. The large group lecture commonly takes place in a larger assembly area. After the lecture the church members gather in smaller groups in smaller rooms for their own more intimate discussion. How are the smaller rooms created? A very common way is with Portable Acoustical Room Dividers. In this plan, the administrators use 22 accordion walls to create 12 separate rooms around one large 40 by 50 assembly area. … [Read more...]

Versatile Dividers for Preschool

Versatile Preschool Dividers

Some community based churches really reach out to the community and the community reaches out to the church. Such is the case for Athens Church. The administrators of the church saw a need for a daycare/preschool program and rolled up their sleeves and did something about it. As shown on this plan, 16 separate rooms were created at the church for use as a large preschool/daycare program. A total of 24 versatile accordion folding walls and 16 doors are used in this plan. Note that the height of … [Read more...]

Portable Partitions for disaster plan

Disaster Plan Dividers

One never knows what Mother Nature may have in store for us next. In the interest of being prepared to have semi private areas as needed in case of an emergency in a local park district building, the Long Beach Police Department asked us to create a plan based upon their ideas. The attached plan utilizes 14 Screenflex Freestanding Portable Room Dividers to set up eight areas approximately 10 ft. by 10 ft. and 6 other areas of various sizes. All 14 accordion folding walls store in an area of only … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Uses Portable Dividers

Thrift Store Portable Dividers

A generous benefactor donates a building to her favorite charitable organization. It was a large open building which the organization wanted to use as a Thrift Store. As such, the store would need many separate areas to show their items for sale. A separate area would be needed for mens clothes, womens clothes, girls clothes, boys clothes, appliances, shoes etc. Obviously areas would also be needed for storage, delivery, common work areas etc. a total of 19 separate areas would be needed. The … [Read more...]

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