How Many Rooms Do You Need?

Storage space not an issue


First Baptist church is a beautiful building and is laid out very well. However, when the planners designed the building they did not anticipate the growth spurt they have had. They realized portable acoustical walls would need to be used to create Sunday school rooms in their … [Read more...]

Interior Designers use Screenflex

Crossed Room Dividers

Oftentimes the best answers are the simple answers. The interior designers at Defined Interiors know this and incorporated the use of Screenflex Portable Room Dividers in this school plan. Not only are the dividers easy to set up and easy to take down, panels are tackable and acoustical. The dividers use very little storage space and are attractive to look ata big plus from a designers point of view. They specified only six Screenflex Acoustical Room Dividers to create six separate rooms. … [Read more...]

Private tutor rooms created

Private Tutor Rooms

St. Phillips Church Parish also ran a school. Like most schools the student population comprised of students at various levels of knowledge. To help those students who needed some additional help in math and reading, a tutoring program was started. Five small rooms were needed to be created in the lunchroom. How would they do it? The school administrators purchased five Screenflex Portable wallseach one 60 high and 205 long. Each of the acoustical dividers creates a tutoring room approximately 9 … [Read more...]

Architects specify Screenflex Dividers

Architects Specify

Architects not only know what to build, but also what NOT to build. In these days where nothing is as constant as change oftentimes it is best to keep large rooms open. That way they can be used for large gatherings, and also subdivided when needed for other uses. Such is the case with the plan. In order to create six separate smaller conference rooms in one large area, the architects specified 6 Screenflex Portable walls in their plans. Mission Accomplished! … [Read more...]

Instant rooms for Westwood Church

Instant Rooms for Church

The congregation at Westwood Baptist Church had chosen their building site wisely. Due to the demographics the studied, they knew that within a few short years of building their new church, that suburban sprawl would overtake their area. Many young families would become their neighbors and many of those same families would be looking for a new church. The congregation also knew that open space means versatile space. In other words they knew that large open room which could be used for large … [Read more...]

Five Rooms Created in Minutes

Five Rooms in Minutes

The congregation at Iglesia Hispana had grown past the reasonable capacities of their church. While there was no land available for sale in their neighborhood, there was on warehouse for sale. They purchased the warehouse and with some creative decorating, the former warehouse quickly began to look like a house of worship. Nowwhat about Sunday school rooms? Not to worrythe members purchased several Screenflex Portable walls and now easily created 5 separate classrooms every weekend using the … [Read more...]

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