Plans - 1 Rooms

One room in Fellowship Hall

U Shaped Divider Room 3D

The congregation at Lord of Life Lutheran Church had a problem. Some problems like this one are good to have. Due to growth in their membership, they needed to create an extra Sunday School Classroom in their basement. As is usually the case, they also wanted to keep the basement […]

College Bookstore Storage Room

Two Divider Room 3D

This college customer in New Mexico needed to create separate storage areas with easy access. This was accomplished very easily by utilizing two Freestanding Portable Walls. The room is approximately 17 by 15 and now provides 255 sq. ft. of storage. The tackable acoustical properties of the panels allow the […]

4 Dividers creating large classroom

Double Door Divider Room 3D

This school needed to create one large classroom measuring roughly 16 by 21 in their large commons area. To create this room only four dividers were needed. To give the room both easy access and a finished look, two doors were added. This creates an opening 44 wide and obviously […]

Wallmount dividers create a room

Wallmount Divider Room 3D

One of our corporate customers needed to create an additional conference room. This room would always be in the same location, thus they did not need their dividers to be portable. Wallmount accordion doors are the answer. Two Wallmount dividers which are 80 tall are used in this plan to […]

Simple Church Storage Area

Nook Divider Room 3D

The members of Calvary Baptist Church were tired of looking at the unkempt way their tables and folding chairs stored in the alcove of their basement. The alcove was roughly 10 by 10 and provided ample room for storage. To solve the issue of the area looking unkempt, the congregation […]

Large room, only two dividers

Corner Divider Room 3D

? The public transportation system in a large metropolitan area needed to create a large separate room in one of their control areas. This room would only be used 3 or 4 days a week while the entire room was needed to be available and open the rest of the […]

One divider creates one room

L Shaped Divider Room 3D

This customer has a very simple need. They needed a portable wall to create an additional Sunday School Classroom on the weekend and needed to create a private area for nursing mothers in their child care center during the week. They found the answer with one Screenflex Freestanding Divider. When […]