Plans - 3 Rooms

Portable walls at Living Waters

3 Long Divider Classrooms 3D

Church buildings come in many different shapes and sizes. Thank goodness that Screenflex Portable walls do as well. Our most popular line (Freestanding) is available in 6 different heights, 6 different lengths, and over 30 fabric/vinyl colors. This church used three different length portable walls, all of which are 68 […]

Combined Adult/Children Screenflex Use

3 Classrooms With Double Doors 3D

Park districts and private enterprises often run different programs for children and adults simultaneously. One easy way to solve the need to create different sized rooms for classes on a moments notice is by using Screenflex Portable Room Dividers. This plan was created so that 3 different programs could be […]

Unique room requires unique solution

3 Odd Shaped Classrooms 3D

Some rooms are unlike any other. Such is the case with our customer DSP Productions. Please look at the shape of the room. Creating 3 separate rooms as shown would have been almost impossible for fixed office panel type of room dividers. However it is easy for us due to […]

Screenflex helping the TSA

Three Classrooms in a Corner 3D

Security at airports has become very important across the globe over the last few years. The ease by which Screenflex Portable walls can be set up and taken down, and/or moved from place to place make them a great asset to those who use them. In this plan, the TSA […]

More with fewer Room Dividers

Room Divided Into Thirds 3D

Sometimes less can be more. Such is the case with how we helped the Waseca Area Senior Center with our portable walls. Yes, the shape of the room helped, but that is precisely the point. We never try to recommend more portable dividers than are needed for your situation. The […]

Three rooms at Eden Housing

3 L Shaped Classrooms 3D

Even a housing complex can have a use for acoustical portable walls. In this plan 3 Freestanding walls are used to crate 3 rooms each approximately 80 wide by 150 long. The existing walls, along with the adjoining portable walls help create each individual room. When not in use, the […]

Three rooms using three dividers

3 L Shaped Classrooms 3D

This plan is pretty common. The size of the room is pretty typical for a church (30 by 30 or so). Likewise their needs are pretty typical, We need 3 classrooms in that 30 by 30 area. By utilizing only 3 Screenflex Portable walls, this is accomplished very easily. With […]