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Three Rooms Using Three Dividers

3 L Shaped Classrooms

Three rooms using three dividers

3 L Shaped Classrooms 3D

Three rooms using three dividers

Using 3 dividers to create classrooms

This plan is pretty common. The size of the room is pretty typical for a church (3’0 by 30′ or so). Likewise, their needs are pretty typical, they need to create 3 classrooms in that 30′ by 30′ area. By utilizing only 3 dividers, this is accomplished very easily. With one end against the existing wall, the acoustical Screenflex portable wall extends perpendicular several feet. It then bends 90 degrees at one of its full-length piano hinges to create another side of the room. The combination of the existing wall and the other portable walls combine to create the four walls needed to create a room.

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