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Uniquely Shaped Room Requires a Unique Solution

3 Odd Shaped Classrooms in a uniquely shaped room

Uniquely shaped room requires unique solution

3 Odd Shaped Classrooms 3D

Unique room requires unique solution

Dividing a Unique Shaped Room with Room Dividers

Some rooms are unlike any other. Such is the case with our customer DSP Productions. Their facility was designed with a uniquely shaped room that needed to be separated into more usable space. Creating three separate rooms, as shown, would have been almost impossible for fixed office panel type of room dividers. However it is easy for us due to the unique flexibility of Screenflex Freestanding Portable Room Dividers. This means our 13 panel dividers (which have 12 full length piano hinges for strength and safety) can be set up in 12 to the 182nd power different configurations. Obviously DSP Productions is pleased with the results provided by using our portable walls.

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