Plans - 4 Rooms

Room Dividers for Reunion Church

Dividers for Reunion Church

Creating four additional classrooms in a large open area is easywhen you know how! The members of Reunion Church were familiar with Screenflex Portable Room Dividers based upon their experiences at other churches. So when they needed four more rooms to provide for the growing ministries in their church, they […]

Four Large Sunday School Rooms

Four Large Sunday School Rooms

One of the rooms at Christ Church of India Cypress is very, very large. 63 by 28 to be exactapproximately 1800 sq. ft. of multi-purpose space. They needed a way to create four new rooms using acoustical portable walls without breaking this budget. By using one existing wall in the […]

Three Dividers in Two Rooms

Two Dividers in Two Rooms

Sometimes the shapes of a room can make things inefficient. Sometimes the converse is true. This plan is an example of the latter. By using only 3 portable walls, the members of this church were able to create 4 needed classrooms. In room #1, note that a continuous wall approximately […]

Four Rooms Using Four Dividers

Four Rooms Using Four Dividers

Questionhow can the members of Colonial Baptist Church easily create four additional occasional use rooms in their large 39 by 66 multipurpose room? Answerusing four Screenflex Portable Freestanding accordions like portable walls. Since the most efficient use of space is by using straight walls, this is exactly what the members […]

Four rooms from two dividers

Four Rooms From Two Dividers

Once in a while things are easy. The members of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church needed 4 smallish (13 by 11) rooms. This is large enough for children and their teacher. The way to satisfy their needs is almost too simple to believe. Only two Freestanding Portable Room Dividers were needed. […]

Four totally enclosed classrooms

Totally Enclosed Classrooms

Sometimes more privacy is required for a client and the room is so large it is difficult to utilize the existing walls within the room. This plan shows how Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are used to satisfy the needs of the client in such a case. The acoustical portable walls […]

Four classrooms along existing walls

Four Classrooms Existing Walls

As often as possible, we utilize existing walls in a facility when creating our plans for a customer. This is a great example, by using a combination of exterior walls and our Freestanding Portable Room Dividers, four temporary Sunday school rooms are created in Salvation Church of Christ. After class, […]

Big Room Divider Needs

Big Room Dividers

Big churches have big Portable Room Divider needs. How can a gymnasium be easily divided for classroom use without scratching the floor? How can this be set up and taken down quickly without a lot of hassle? The answer to both questions is the sameby using Screenflex Portable Room Dividers. […]