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Big Room Dividing Needs

Big Room Dividers solve big room dividing needs

Big Room Dividing Needs

Big Room Dividers

Big Room Divider Needs


A Plan Outlining Big Room Dividing Needs

Big churches have big Portable Room Divider needs. How can a gymnasium be easily divided for classroom use without scratching the floor? How can this be set up and taken down quickly without a lot of hassle? The answer to both questions is the same by using Screenflex Portable Room Dividers. In this case, only 7 Freestanding Portable Room Dividers are used to create four separate areas in this gym. Each area is approximately 1400 square feet. The tack-able acoustical portable walls are easily rolled into place and set up in minutes. The optional locking mechanism helps lock each divider to the other to create one length of a continuous portable wall in this plan.  The wall extends to almost 100 feet long!

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