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Portable Acoustical Walls for a Large Church

Acoustical Church Dividers

Portable Acoustical Walls for Large Church

Acoustical Church Dividers

Acoustical dividers for Large Church

Portable Acoustical Walls Divide a Large Church

Portable acoustical walls are easy to use in any church looking to maximize their space for several ministries.  We have discovered that many churches have large group lectures both prior to and after Sunday school classes. The large group lecture commonly takes place in a larger assembly area. After the lecture, the church members gather in smaller groups in smaller rooms for their own more intimate discussion. How are the smaller rooms created? A very common way is with portable acoustical dividers. In this plan, the administrators use 22 accordion walls to create 12 separate rooms around one large 40 by 50 assembly area. During the week, the portable partitions are used in various other ministries within the church.

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