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Intervention Classroom Privacy Dividers

The Location

Milan Middle School - Tennessee

The Challenge

Safely Divide an Intervention Class into Two

The Solution

In a classroom setting, some kids need some extra attention to improve their learning. A technique that many teachers use to remove educational barriers is classroom intervention. At Milan Middle School, one of their rooms is dedicated to this technique. However, during the 2020 pandemic where not as many people are allowed in one space, the teachers at this school realized that they needed a way to safely fit their students in the room. By using portable room dividers, these teachers allow two classes in their classroom intervention space and create privacy for both.

As shown in the picture and video, Milan Middle School decided on a black Light Duty Screenflex Divider for their classroom. These dividers help minimize noise between the two classes with their sound-absorbing core. These teachers also use partitions to display posters and charts. Because of the tackable fabric, they can easily change up the display as needed and not worry about damaging the screen. The dividers also help create privacy and limit distractions between the two classes, which is important for classroom intervention. By dividing their classroom into two, these teachers can easily stick to social distancing guidelines set by their state. In general, these teachers love their Screenflex products and how they fulfill their needs. See the full video they sent in below!

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