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Tech School Classroom Space

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The Location

Tech School Lab

The Challenge

Create Lab Space for Private Classes

The Solution

Tech schools are gaining in popularity across the United States. These institutions, also called technical colleges or technical institutes, provide specialized training in a specific career field, trade, or profession. Since more and more high school graduates are choosing this type of education instead of the traditional, expensive four-year degree, these facilities are looking to maximize the class space they already have. For this reason, these schools are choosing Screenflex Room Dividers.

By creating a barrier, the Screenflex Standard Room Dividers can minimize distractions when two or more classes take place at once. These screens absorb sound and are tackable to display items as well. The partitions in the photo are 6’0 tall, a perfect height to shield most people when standing. The 5-panel dividers close off part of the lab for a private class. Casters on the bottom of the dividers allow the room to open back up again as the classroom needs change. Tech school leaders frequently express happiness with their dividers, and the effect they have on their classes.