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One School District's Library Transformation Improves Student Engagement

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Librarians Find Screenflex Room Dividers Easy to Use and Highly Effective in Transforming Multifaceted Space

Today’s high school media centers have become the hub of schools across the globe.  Both tall and short shelves of books have been removed and replaced by movable chairs, fireplaces, high tables, low tables, mounted computer screens, and 3-D printers. Recognizing the challenges in adapting their media center space to meet all the demanding needs of their students and staff, South Forsyth High School in Cummings, GA, took to utilizing Screenflex Room Dividers to maximize the use of their library and make the space work for them and their changing needs.


South Forsyth High School is a very large suburban high school just north of Atlanta, GA.  With a growing student population, they have outgrown the design of their current media center space.  The open reading room is supplied with a variety of seating but lacks physical division of space.  Their media center often serves multiple groups of students at one time; students enrolled in online classes, teachers bringing classes in for research or group work, individual students working on projects, etc. “With the growing need for the use of this common space, we knew it was essential for us to find some way to divide up the space while maintaining a clear sight light to everyone for security and safety reasons.”

The most immediate result of the use of clear room divider in the South Forsyth media center was the ability to have two completely different classes of students in the media center working independently without confusion.  The teachers and staff found the Screenflex Room Partitions easy to set up and use, and they were thrilled with the transparent acrylic created privacy for the students with the ability to monitor the space separated by the divider.  Once the students and teachers were using the room dividers for space efficiency, they began to benefit from the writable clear surface as well.  During discussions, lectures, or brainstorming session, teachers and students find it easy to take notes on the transparent surface with a dry erase marker.  Better yet, the clear portable partition easily erases and leave no ghosting.  “It’s amazing, it cleans like a mirror or window, simple and clear.”


Forsyth High School was familiar with Screenflex Room Dividers since the school uses the Standard fabric dividers in a different section of the school, and they were pleased with the durability and flexibility the Standard divider provides.  That didn’t stop them from doing their research on finding the best clear divider for their room dividing needs.  “During our research for a clear room divider, we found other products that were transparent, but none but none measured up to the strength and durability of a Screenflex product.  The quality of the Screenflex divider is outstanding – they are a little higher priced, but worth it!”


Now, when you walk into the Forsyth High School media center, there’s a huge difference.  The students and teachers are more engaged in their new shared space.  Instead of working in a silent environment they can collaborate without concern of interrupting others in the media center.  It is the same space but used more effectively for higher learning.


The Screenflex Clear Divider is made from 3/16” crystal clear OPTIX acrylic and non-yellowing, lightweight and highly impact-resistant.

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