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Do Room Dividers Absorb Sound?

Room dividers divide office and exercise space

Room dividers divide office and exercise space

Yes! Room Dividers Absorb Sound And Will Improve The Function of Your Space!

Room Dividers can divide any room in two and improve your space usage. If you are looking to utilize one space for more than one purpose in mind, a room divider or two might just be the solution you need to put a temporary separation where you need one. Even better, why not try a room divider with sound absorbing panels! Visual and sound distractions are minimized for a productive work space.

Open your divider when you want a distraction free environment. Here is a great example of utilizing your space to the fullest!

Room Dividers For Indoor cycling studio

Room Dividers For Indoor cycling studio

Carol’s office is quite large so she combined her cycling/exercise studio with her office space. Lots of space for both work and pleasure. Great idea!

Unfortunately, at times work encroached over into the exercise studio. Keep in mind when you are trying to exercise when you are staring at a stack of papers and the computer in front of you, it’s hard to get a decent work out in. On the other hand, when others used the studio while Carol was working, it was a bit of a distraction for her as well. The room was a bit too small to add permanent walls and it wasn’t what she wanted to do anyway. Carol really needed something to create a definite divide between the office space and exercise space. Carol decided to buy one 6′ x 24′-1″ Screenflex Portable Room Divider. The divider is kept closed most of the time but when she needs to, she can pull the divider open to keep distractions out. Sound absorbing panels help to control sound and improve the usability and function of her space. Carol can keep the divider open for privacy, or close the divider when both spaces are not being used at the same time.

Room Dividers Let Screenflex create a better and more effective work and play space for you.



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By: Julie Wenckowski
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