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Create Temporary Walls With Screenflex

Create Temporary Walls Should Be Shaped Like a PyramidCreate Temporary Walls!

Sometimes I’ll see a Screenflex Room Divider where I wouldn’t expect to see one. It’s amazing how room dividers have evolved and have now become the modern way people like to create temporary walls.

Way back when room dividers were quite heavy and bulky and very difficult to transport. They were thought of as a status symbol or piece of art. There are still some dividers out there that are big and bulky, but for the purpose of dividing space temporarily most of us are looking for a divider that is portable yet sturdy and most importantly, doesn’t give up on quality.

Screenflex Room Dividers are not light. They are sturdy and each divider weighs between 72 lbs. up to over 220 lbs.  Equipped with self-leveling casters that add to the stability of the divider, they adjust and roll easily even on uneven floor surfaces.  Just grab the steel end frame to transport your divider. Your divider will glide across the room with without any obstruction in your path. Keep your divider in a closed position when rolling it from place to place. It will be easier to transport when closed and it is recommended that you do so. A pyramid shaped divider is a stable divider. Here’s our stable video to show you what we mean.

The video describes why pyramids are stable. It reminds me of a cheer competition I took my daughter to a few weeks back. I think there were around 25 squads competing. It’s amazing how they stunt and create “human pyramids”. It’s quite exciting to see the flyers (girls on top) do flips and such while in the air! These girls are incredibly strong. Even in cheer, your strongest girls are the base for a successful pyramid. When we walked in I noticed a blue Screenflex room divider set up as a holding area for one of the squads. The divider created a wall so the girls didn’t have to crowd around in the hallway. I’ve seen this a lot in musicals and plays. The divider keeps the girls from distracting the audience and the sound absorbing panels help to control sound in the crowd. After the competition, one of the moms folded the divider up. It took about 4 seconds and she wheeled it behind the bleachers to store until the next event.

Room dividers have come a long way from being just a decorative wall piece to a staple in many establishments.


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