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Wall Panel Art Display

The Location

Spring Ahead Children's Academy

The Challenge

Display Children's Art Along the Wall

The Solution

At a daycare or another educational facility, having a place to display art can come in handy. Spring Ahead Children’s Academy in Indiana is a new licensed daycare opening up this year and was in the process of prepping their facility when they reached out to Screenflex. Their representative wanted to display art and other notices with our Acoustical Wall Panels. By working with one of our sales consultants, she was able to find the right products for her needs.

Spring Ahead ended up choosing multiple Acoustical Wall Panels for various spots of their facility. These wall panels not only dampen extra noise in the room but they are also excellent art display units. The tackable fabric along each panel doesn’t tear or damage after an item comes down. Depending on how much sound you would like to absorb, you can choose one out of two depths to the panels as well. Included with the panels are mounting brackets and hardware, making it simple to set up upon arrival. From six different heights to choose from, there is an acoustical panel for any need. They also come in either vertical or horizontal, as shown above.

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