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Self Leveling Casters Add Mobile Stability


Screenflex Room Dividers are designed with self leveling casters. Self leveling casters adjust to the changes in the floor’s surface and allows the divider to roll easily over most surfaces. This design ensures each wheel makes full contact with the floor, resulting in superior divider stability.

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Transcript for Self Leveling Casters Add Mobile Stability

Hi, I’m Steve with Screenflex and I’m down on the floor here today to show you a very unique feature of our Screenflex Room Dividers.  Our casters, all of the casters on our room dividers are designed with a self-leveling feature. There’s a spring built into the stem of the caster that allows it to move up and down to follow the level of your floor. If the floor’s not perfectly level, and most aren’t, this will follow the dips and rises in the floor, and account for any discrepancies.   This helps the divider stand stable and make contact with the floor its entire length.  Thank you!

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