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Locking Movable Walls Into Place


Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are supported by a set of 3-inch rubber wheels, self-leveling casters.  The casters move a complete 360 degrees to make moving the panels simple that even one person could do it.  Once the panels are in place, the position control hinge secures the divider into the desired shape.  For more information visit or speak to a sales representative at (800)553-0110.

Transcript for Locking Movable Walls Into Place

Hi.  This is Steve with Screenflex Portable Room Dividers.  I’d like to show you how our panels stay in place when they’re open.

At the top of all of our dividers, standard, when you order them, comes a little black part here called a Position Control Hinge.  It is a spring-loaded device that snaps or pops as it opens to latch and hold the panel in place.

Here’s one up close.  You can see that when it gets fully open it clicks in holding the panel secure.

As an option, a panel lock can be ordered.  A panel lock is a screw-down knob.  Loosen it to move the panels how you like.  Lock it into place and this will hold your panels in place at any angle.

The panels open between zero and 180 degrees and you can lock in any position and hold the panel secure until the knob is released to move the panels again.

Thank you.

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