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Tacking items onto Portable Partition Panels


Screenflex Room Dividers arrive fully assembled and ready to use.  Screenflex freestanding room partitions are made from 100% recycled polyester fabric.  You may want to consider adding a coating of OxiTitan, an antimicrobial coating to resist germs from spreading and maintains a cleaner environment. Additionally, we offer a variety of freestanding partitions option to enhance the image and performace of your divider.

To request a facric or vinyl sample visit or contact a sale representative at (800) 553-0110.

Transcript for Tacking items onto Portable Partition Panels

Hi.  I’m Steve with Screenflex.  I have a section of one of our partition panels here.  As you can see it’s about three-quarters of an inch thick.  It has a fiberglas insulation covered by a heavy commercial grade fabric on the surface.  You can push pin into this fabric without damaging it.  You can use T-pins, thumb tacks, staples work.  They hold quite well.

If you have something heavier, I recommend these.  This is a cube clip usually sold at an office supply store in a pack of four.  You push this into the panel, the long barbs will give you a little more support for something heavier like framed poster art.

Thank you.

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