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Positioning Movable Room Dividers


Transcript for Positioning Movable Room Dividers

Hi.  I’m Steve with Screenflex and I wanna show you a couple tips and techniques today on positioning room dividers.

I have a couple typical Screenflex room dividers behind me here.  You can see that between every panel there’s a hinge.  Goes top to bottom.  It’ll bend 180 degrees.  You can make any desired angle in between zero and 180.  45, 90 for a square corner.  Anything you desire.

The clicking you hear is the panel snapping into position when it’s straight open.  That would be the job of the position control hinge at the top of the panels.  It holds it nice and straight when you’ve got a straight, open position.

Panels are designed with an end frame.  It has the handle you move them with on the ends come together so that they’re flush where they meet.  If you bring them together head on, the end frames are parallel.  You can get an optional latch.  We call it a multi-unit connector to actually lock the panels together or just leave them unlatched like these are here.

You can makeshift a door.  It can be opened and closed if it’s a classroom setting or some other situation where you want access between the panels.

You always wanna make sure that you do the corners in a room before or after the connection and the connections can be made anywhere along a straight run.

Thank you.

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