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Heavy Duty Divider


Screenflex Heavy Duty Divider provides the most durability in any commercial facility.


Durable partitions and crowd control in commercial and industrial environments are just a couple of uses for the Screenflex Heavy Duty Dividers.

Available in 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 panels, and in either 6 feet or 7 feet 4 inches in height. The heavy-duty dividers also come in 38 different colors. No additional assembly required.

To use the heavy-duty divider, simply pull out the bottom latch and walk the divider open into the desired position.

Configure the shape of the divider to the desired angle with the position control hinges.

Secure the divider into place with the locking corner casters.

When connecting more than one divider, use an optional upgraded multi-unit connector.

The Heavy Duty divider provides additional stability with the Dual Heavy-Duty self-leveling Casters.

Tack-able fabric panels allow for hanging up signs, artwork, and other display materials.

To move or store the divider, fold the panels together compactly.

Screenflex Heavy Duty dividers are perfect for use in airports, convention centers, hotels, and even fitness studios.