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Clear Divider


Clear Dividers control or contain an area with an unobstructed view on the other side.


Divided space with clear sightlines, security partitions, and see-through barriers are a few ways to use the Screenflex Clear Room Dividers.

Available in one and three panels, the clear room dividers are 6 feet 2 inches in height and can be joined together to create longer lengths.

To use the clear dividers, simply open the panels, arrange into the desired configuration and turn the Panelocks to secure the panels into position.

Locking corner casters secure the clear divider into position.

The optional multi-unit connector allows you to secure clear dividers together or with fabric dividers to form longer multi-purpose partitions.

Self-leveling casters automatically adjust to various floor surfaces and heights for added stability.

The clear panel offers a writable surface, is wet-erase compatible, and easy to wipe clean.

To move or store your divider, fold the three panels together. The one-panel divider is ready to move as is.

The Screenflex Clear Dividers are perfect for use in the hospitality industry, government buildings, athletic facilities, schools, and offices.