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Sports Center Gym Wall Divider

The Location

Sports Center of America

The Challenge

Increase available fitness space

The Solution

The best way for fitness centers to increase revenue is to offer more services to its members. Sports Center of America is a growing recreation center serving a large community. There was a significant need to expand its services, but they had limited resources to do so. After searching for ways to expand their facility space, employees began to think of alternate ways to use the space they already have. Screenflex Room Dividers proved to be the perfect solution. Screenflex partitions roll on wheels so no need to rely on cumbersome ceiling track systems. The 6-foot portable partitions allow the gym to create different configurations to divide the space up for various needs. The sports center now divides their gymnasium into smaller workout areas, half-court spaces for available sports area, little tikes play area, and training rooms. The employees have never been so excited with the versatility of their new space.

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