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Center for the Arts Privacy Wall

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The Location

Great Lakes Center for the Arts

The Challenge

Privacy wall in a hallway

The Solution

The Great Lakes Center for the Arts is a busy facility hosting events on a daily basis.  With many guests visiting the Center, the employees needed a method to create privacy and restrict access to hallways.  “The flexibility of the folding unit fits our needs perfectly! We are very happy with the ease of mobility and the overall construction of the divider.  The divider is placed in a public hallway to protect the privacy of performers and dignitaries as they move from one area to the next.  The casters are an immense help as we need to move the partition from storage to placement in a 40,000 square foot building.”  The fabric Screenflex Light Duty Divider also serves as a bulletin board to display information, casting calls, meeting notes and daily activities.

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