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Small Classroom for Social Distancing

The Location

Local High School

The Challenge

Use Dividers for Smaller Class Size During the Pandemic

The Solution

During a pandemic, people should only gather in small groups. For this reason, it can be a challenge for schools to allow their classes to remain in session. As a solution, many schools are using dividers to create small classrooms for social distancing. By using portable partitions, schools everywhere can keep class in person while limiting class size. As shown above, Screenflex freestanding dividers can help.

The high school classroom from the picture needed to be divided for social distancing needs. By placing the divider walls in the middle of the workspace, students can work in small groups while remaining safe. Since many germs and viruses travel through air droplets, having a physical barrier can help prevent transmission. This Screenflex Divider also has a vinyl covering on it that is easy to clean and comes with an antimicrobial coating. These moving walls also fold accordion-style and can either open straight, as shown in the picture, or adjust depending on the room size. People, especially young students growing up, need social time as part of how they learn and grow. As an alternative to online teaching, creating a small classroom for social distancing can help kids learn social skills in a pandemic.

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