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Two Educational Spaces, One Gymnasium

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The Location

Trinity Lutheran School-Bend, Oregon

The Challenge

Divide a gymasium for multiple educational spaces

The Solution

Gymnasiums in a school setting are not only essential for kids’ recreation but also for classrooms in some cases. The educators at Trinity Lutheran School in Bend, Oregon, needed a way to create two educational spaces out of their gym. However, this particular gym doesn’t have the floor to ceiling divider walls or curtains, so they needed a backup plan. These teachers could easily create multiple classrooms by introducing Screenflex freestanding room dividers to their gym.

Screenflex partitions are easily the sturdiest freestanding room dividers on the market, which is essential for a space with heavy foot traffic, such as a gymnasium. These room dividers achieve this feat by keeping their center of gravity low and using good-quality materials. Also, instead of creating one long wall for this length, Screenflex connects two dividers with a latch to further prevent the divider from toppling over.

With the high ceilings in the gym, harsh echoes can occur. While adding any furniture can help with sound absorption, Screenflex partitions, in particular, are designed for acoustics. This feature is especially helpful for two educational spaces in one room when multiple classes occur simultaneously.

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