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Freestanding Art Display Board for Schools

The Location

Mary Immaculate Catholic School-Farmers Branch, TX

The Challenge

Temporarily display student artwork for show

The Solution

How do you make a quick art showcase for your students? While plenty of display devices are on the market, nothing offers as much flexibility as a freestanding art board. Mary Immaculate Catholic School was looking for this type of device for their upcoming student art shows. By reaching out to us at Screenflex, these educators were able to find the best display for their needs.

While Screenflex dividers originally were a means to separate rooms, customers quickly realized how useful they are to also pin and tack posters and other items to them. Screenflex purposely uses a fabric that is tackable so customers can use this feature without damage to the panels. Since most educators want to reuse their tools to save money in the long run, being able to tear down their freestanding display board and then reattach new art is a huge advantage.

Our contact at Mary Immaculate School opted for a 6ft tall, 9’5″ long black Standard Room Divider. This partition is the perfect length for their size space, and the black background helps the colorful artwork pop in contrast. Mary Immaculate Catholic School was pleased with their divider and plans to use it for years.

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