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Ballroom Divider Accentuates Event Space

The Location

South Shore Falls HOA

The Challenge

Divide a Large Ballroom Into Smaller Sections

The Solution

Hotels, ballrooms, and banquet halls are all facilities that need adaptability. When there is an event scheduled, room-flips can occur at a moment’s notice. Executing a seamless event flip comes down to having the proper tools at the ready. Someone from South Shore Falls HOA needed to partition his banquet room in an easily portable manner. He reached out to Screenflex for the perfect portable ballroom divider.

With help from their Screenflex representative, this community member chose a Standard unit to temporarily divide their ballroom. By having a portable partition, this large space can seamlessly change its shape. The light gray coloring is an excellent addition to the room since it matches the ceiling-length dividers as well. The contact over at South Shore Falls worked closely with Screenflex for fabric samples to get the color as similar as possible. This screen also rests on self-leveling casters, allowing them to glide effortlessly over any floor. The casters on each end also lock in place for a sturdy surface. Each panel has a honeycomb core, which helps limit excess noise on either side. Overall, this ballroom divider is a useful tool for any large event space.