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Access Barrier and Crowd Control Walls

Market: Hospitality
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Crowd control and portable safety barrier walls secure maintenance projects

The Location

Hospitality Industry

The Challenge

Safety Barrier Walls

The Solution

When you need to control crowds or restrict access to maintenance projects Screenflex portable walls are a simple a secure choice.  Each Screenflex Room Divider is designed and constructed to withstand the more rigorous conditions.  Industrial strength adjustable casters easily conquer floor transitions and uneven surfaces when rolling or positioning the divider.  Full-length piano style hinges connect each panel together every four inches for added strength and to restrict vision between each panel.  Tack or staple warning signs, alternate direction posts, or event information directly to the fabric panels.  Barrier walls fold up like an accordion and store compactly in 2′ by 3′ space out of the way.

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