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Take It From This Expert, Using Screenflex Partitions Is The Best Way To Hang Student Artwork For An Exhibition

We receive a decent number of customer supplied photos showing our products in use, and we are so grateful to see where all of our little room divider babies end up being placed,  but sometimes it’s the story that comes along with the photo that really makes us smile.  Today, we received a lovely email and photos from an art teacher, and it really highlighted the reasons using a Screenflex portable partition, is the best way to hang student artwork when hosting an art exhibition.

And as this teacher points out, the dividers are not just a one-trick pony. Once you invest in a Screenflex product, you can use it within your facility to solve myriad needs.

And The Best Way To Hang Student Artwork For An Exhibition Is…

Sketches arranged on black room dividers in a library

The center Screenflex partition, shown in the center, displays the artwork in a more professional way. And because they’re on wheels, units can be repositioned easily, or if need be, the entire exhibit can be moved completely out-of-the-way.

Dear Mr. Maas, Thank you so much for this great offer and for making such a wonderful product!

I am the Visual Arts and Graphic Arts instructor at Morris Catholic High School in Denville, New Jersey, this is my ninth year of teaching here.  We have two art exhibits every year, Christmas and in the Spring and from the first year I came it was always a struggle to hang artwork.  We had these really heavy pieces of plywood with wheels, I would paint them so we could keep them for the following year and our custodian always ended taking them for another project… one year we were even reduced to hanging artwork on pieces of trellis wood.  You can imagine what that looked like.

I happened upon your Screenflex product in a Dick Blick supply book and while it wasn’t inexpensive, I managed to talk our department chair into trying it out.  It was an absolute success!  Instead of cutting what seemed like thousands of pieces of gorilla tape to try and keep the artwork hanging on the plywood (and loosing my fingerprints in the process!), we could hang artwork with simple push pins.  Installation time was cut in half!  The beauty of these screens is they are so mobile that it is possible to hang all the artwork and then reposition them anywhere within our library exhibit space.  They look neat and clean something our detail oriented president loves… so much so that we have been able to purchase a total of three.

In addition to teaching, I am also the yearbook adviser and with that job comes quite a lot of picture taking.  The screens are the perfect backdrop. The screens are also the perfect room divider for my double classroom when not used for an exhibit, although they still allow for displaying artwork in my class.

I would recommend this product in a heartbeat!

  The art exhibit BEFORE purchasing Screenflex partitions…

Cumbersome art display unit

How the student artwork was displayed BEFORE they purchased Screenflex partitions for their art exhibition

AFTER purchasing Screenflex partitions…

Exhibit organizers found that the setup of student artwork was now quick and easy. Your display surfaces can look more professional, and because they’re on wheels, be repositioned easily. Or if need be, the entire show can be completely moved out-of-the-way.

A Screenflex partition used to display student artwork for an exhibitiion

And as this art teacher says, when not being used for exhibits, these sturdy, rugged Screenflex dividers can be used anywhere in the facility. In addition to dividing space, use them as an informational surface in the lobby entrance, for library displays, at parent nights or registration events, as a portable bulletin board (they fit through any standard doorway!), or as a backdrop for a play. And because they only need about 2′ X 3′ of storage space, when not in use, they store compactly away until you’re ready to use them again.

If you would like to send us your own photos and a short story telling us how Screenflex products have been a plus in your school, church or place of business, we would love to hear your story and will happily send you a token of our appreciation! Just click the button below!


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